Affordable property price, proximity to the metro mini-metro ,enhanced infrastructurere,and peaceful demography are state to be the key factors driving the growth of Bhiwadi. The fast developing region bhiwadi-tapukara-khushkara complex (BTKC) IN RAJASTHAN, in fact some industry source have stared viewing  BTKC as An other Gurgaon in the NCR. Connectivity if the BTKC will soon become high class because it is right on the way of the Delhi – Mumbai Industrial Corridor (DMIC), the Delhi –Mumbai –Dedicated Freight Corridor (DMDFC),the proposed ‘extended’ ‘circuit’ of Delhi Metro,Proposed loop road from the multi-lane global economic corridor.

                Various Developers have already started off with maJor project in Bhiwadi,and that too on the line of urban living as is there in the millennium city. Looking aat he city’s growth in such a short span of the time,Bhiwadi has caught attention of people from acrose. Bhiwadi’s grat infrastructure and pollution-free environment is surely going to make it the choicest address on the higher preference list of both developers and investors.